DAMON KUHN - Chief Product Engineer / Manufacturing Integration


Damon Kuhn possesses 35 years of experience in automotive design, development, production, computer programming and engineering. He is a record-setting racecar designer and holds seven patents, including one for valve train replacement for internal combustion engines. Damon has written and published several scientific papers on engine development and intake short pipe dynamics and was actively involved with verseeing the development and implementation of the hydrogen enhancement systems and engine integrations that are featured on the Scorpion today. As the owner and operator of Diamondback Engines, a Mopar specific race engine shop, Damon ships his Diamondback Engines worldwide, powering some of the fastest cars in their class.


• Diamondback Engines: Owner / Engineer / Designer
• Fugly Racing: Owner / Driver
• ADT: COO / Engineer
• MKT: Partner / Engineer
• US Coil: General Manager
• Midwest Springs: Operations Manager
• Phillips Industries: Operations Manager