GARY D. BECK - Chief Operating Officer


Gary H. Beck is the co-founder of seven composite based companies, with four of the companies having produced over 40,000,000 carbon fiber based composite structures with over 29-years as an accomplished high-tech manufacturing administrator and controller in the composites industry. Knowledgeable in cost control, cost cutting, personnel management, building administration, project start-ups, government regulations, engineering certifications and complex legal matters. Gary is also highly experienced in strategic partnerships and customer relationship management.


Prescott Composites was founded to bring large scale composites structures to market using patented technologies including very low cost - large tow carbon fiber, quick curing nano-enhanced epoxy resins, next generation thermoplastic technology and other nano-enabled technologies.


• Green Valley Equities and Iso Nano International: Co-Founder
• Miramar Strategic Ventures/Victory Archery: Co-Founder
• HST Automotive, LLC: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
• HST Aerospace, LLC.: Co-Founder
• HST, Inc.: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer