JAY BATTEN- Consultant


Jay Batten was appointed President of Angstron in 2007. He has held a number of high level engineering and management positions prior to taking this appointment. He more recently has served as Vice-President of Operations for the National Composite Center (NCC), Chief Engineer for both General Motors/Delphi and DANA Corporation. His experience in the early 80’s, where his DANA team developed a new line of actuators for Ford Motor Corporation, required him to establish a green field manufacturing 160,000 sq. ft. facility in Chihuahua, Mexico to build these actuators. Later, from 1996 to 1998 at General Motors, his team developed and successfully transferred technology for a low cost actuator needed for General Motors’ Electric Power Steering System (EPS) to two Asian firms (NMB in Bangkok, Thailand and Taigene Electric in Taipei, Taiwan). As a direct result of this team’s efforts, GM’s spin-off, Delphi Corporation, now sells in excess of $3 billion worth of EPS units per year. This team was the first at Delphi to be awarded the coveted PACE award. In 1998, as Chief Engineer-Advanced Composites for Delphi, his team won a total of $7 million in Department of Energy (DOE) funding for four different projects and tdemonstrated the technical viability and commercial feasibility of structural composites in commercial vehicles, a precursor market for automotive composites entry. He also created and led three Centers of Excellence (COE) for Delphi Corporation, in which the Math Based Metal Removal COE won Delphi Corporation its second PACE award and promised saving of over $50M to Delphi’s bottom line. In 2005, in order to create the opportunity to novate (legalese for transfer) the remaining three DOE funded programs to the National Composite Center (NCC), it was required for him to also serve as NCC’s Operations Manager. Also in 2005, due to his great success in garnering government funding, Delphi promoted him to the position of Corporate Government Contracts Officer. From his office at Delphi Corporation, he oversaw 92 government funded projects totaling $87 million in DOE funding. Batten, also in 2005, had an office at the Delphi Research Center where he was part of a team responsible to commercialize Delphi developed technology and to strategize and recommend Delphi’s patent pursuits. In 2006, he joined NCC full time as Vice-President of Operations, after successfully novating the three DOE funded composite projects from Delphi. With more than 40 years of diverse experience, Batten’s technical and business skills, and the teams that he has developed have helped multiple businesses successfully commercialize advanced technology products, many resulting in more than ten-fold sales growth.


Our mission is to offer our customers the lowest cost and highest performance carbon-based nanomaterials. Our suppliers consistently produce >99.98% pure carbon-based nanomaterials (containing no metals or other impurities, unlike CVD processed CNTs) with yields approaching 100% (only one form of graphene/carbon, unlike CVD processed CNTs). Furthermore, our suppliers can produce pristine carbon-based nanomaterials (no oxides or imperfections). It is relatively difficult to achieve matrix loadings greater than 10% with CNTs or CNFs. NEW Techs overcomes this by blending CNTs or CNFs with NGP to reduce entanglements that lead to agglomerations and high viscosity, achieving much lower viscosity matrix solutions to promote ease of processing. Blending allows for much higher nanomaterial loadings than could be achieved by CNTs or CNFs alone and therefore much higher nanomaterial properties than could otherwise be achieved. To ensure optimum nanomaterial performance, NEW Techs has collaborative agreements between our suppliers to offer optimum nanomaterials blends.


• Angstron Materials, LLC: President
• National Composite Center: Vice President / Operations
• Advanced Composites: Chief Engineer
• Delphi Corporation: Corporate Government Contracts Officer / Chief Engineer Advanced Composites
• Delphi Saginaw Steering: Chief Engineer Motors