PATRICK WALSH- Chief of Manufacturing


Patrick Walsh is the founder of ProLink Materials which provides high tech coatings and resin solutions for leaders in the composite industry with over 29-years of experience in the production and sales of many millions of pounds of carbon fiber prepreg. Knowledgeable and resourceful at delivering cost-effective manufacturing solutions with a proven history of producing high volume, large tow and high modulus, high strength carbon fiber prepreg.


Prescott Composites was founded to bring large scale composites structures to market using patented technologies including very low cost - large tow carbon fiber, quick curing nano-enhanced epoxy resins, next generation thermoplastic technology and other nano-enabled technologies.


• ProLink Materials: Founder, President and CEO
• Zoltek Materials Group: President
• Mitsubishi Rayon, Newport Composites Division: Director of Operations / Plant Manager