RONN Motor Group, Inc. is an American OEM Automaker, that was founded in 2013 when founder Ronn Ford came up with the idea for the company's first car, the Ronn Scorpion. Mr. Ford was inspired by a business trip to China. There, he saw the growing demand for vehicles and knew carbon-burning cars would not be a sustainable solution. With a world-class executive team, partners and over fifty years of experience, RMG is committed to developing uncompromised state-of-the-art vehicles with a global conscience.


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RONN Motor Group has acquired through their Chinese partners, three factories in the locations of Jiagsu Province & Taizhou City. These factories include millions of square feet with state-of-the-art robotic assembly lines, R&D Factory, Vehicle Function Test Line, Welding & Coating Lines, Standardized Test Track, Modern Offices and over one million square feet of storage space.


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In his 50+ years in the automotive industry, Ronn Ford has seen many changes and advancements in the automotive sector; and for the last 10 years, as the pioneer and proponent of Hydrogen as the fuel of the future – clearly demonstrated with his proof-of-concept Hydrogen Supercar, “Scorpion”-- he is focused on Leading-Edge, Systems-Integrated, All-Electric, Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell, Zero-Emission, New Energy Vehicles (“NEVs”), including Stationary Hydrogen Fuel-Cell, Electric Power Generation. Ronn believes “the current NEVs lack visual appeal, have inadequate range (as they operate on All-Electric, Battery Platforms), are ultimately not the cleanest for our planet, and are a temporary transition to the sustainable Hydrogen future.” 

Ronn understands that automobiles are much like living organisms and not static systems. The proper approach, then, is Complimentary Systems-Integration. There is not one INDIVIDUAL new technology that will create the NEV of the future.  However, with a SYSTEM/ORGANIZATION/STRUCTURE that allows and encourages a complete change to maximum efficiencies of EVERY system, allowing each to work independently and to its maximum while talking to each other using modern IOT systems, software and the cloud, is a much smarter, more long-term solution for working together to convert energy into power.

Today’s manufacturing and production of NEVs is antiquated, using processes that were developed over the last 100 years, and are among the highest emission polluters of all. Ronn believes the whole industry, from manufacturing and production to the automobile itself, must and will change. RONN Motor Group will soon file new patents for advanced manufacturing practices which use new technology and materials that reduce the entire emissions and pollution for mobile platforms, from manufacturing and production processes to the product rollout, as part of its overall vision.

Ronn has strategically assembled like-minded companies, engineers, and executives to work together to advance Hydrogen Technologies which have been scrupulously developed over the past ten years. The company now possesses over 50 patents, including (but, not exhaustively): Nano Carbon Composite Materials (used for lightweight applications), automated driver-assist systems (which also use patented road sensors), and new Graphene patents (with an emphasis on Hydrogen Fuel-Cell advancements, including a new graphene enhanced fuel-cell stack).  

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RMG’s Executive Team
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