RONN Motor Group, Inc. is an American OEM Automaker, that was founded in 2013 when founder Ronn Ford came up with the idea for the company's first car, the Ronn Scorpion. Mr. Ford was inspired by a business trip to China. There, he saw the growing demand for vehicles and knew carbon-burning cars would not be a sustainable solution. With a world-class executive team, partners and over fifty years of experience, RMG is committed to developing uncompromised state-of-the-art vehicles with a global conscience.


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RONN Motor Group has acquired through their Chinese partners, three factories in the locations of Jiagsu Province & Taizhou City. These factories include a total of over 5 million square feet. With state-of-the-art robotic assembly lines, R&D Factory, Vehicle Function Test Line, Welding & Coating Lines, Standardized Test Track, Modern Offices and over one million square feet of storage space.


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Ronn Maxwell Ford’s body of work is extensive with more than 50 years of experience working in the automotive sector and more than 25 years working specifically with luxury automobiles. Ronn is the founder of Aire Solutions, Inc. and the creator of the patented Procooler, an innovative air conditioning device used in pre 1989 Porsche 911s. His experience extends to Zonda where in 2007 he worked as a consultant and director of engineering / manufacturing for a bus manufacturing facility in China that produced 5000 buses per year. Ronn is the designer and manufacturer of the all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell assisted, eco-exotic supercar, Scorpion, which debuted in 2008 at SEMA and has been featured in multiple automotive publications including the duPont Registry, Robb Report, Luxury Lifestyles and the Bruce Willis box-office hit Looper. Ronn created Aire Solutions, Inc. with the purpose of manufacturing, marketing and distributing his patented Procooler, an innovative air conditioning device with a wide range of applications and extraordinary profit potential. Arrangements were negotiated with Chrysler Corporation to allow Procooler to be tested in Chrysler’s climate-controlled wind tunnels in Auburn, Indiana. He moved Procooler to the next level in 2005 by designing and manufacturing a complete air conditioning system for pre 1989 Porsche 911s using his patented design, making Procooler the standard for Porsche A/C systems pre 1989. Ronn has dedicated his professional career to every aspect of the automobile, from concept to construction, detailed fabrication, racing, painting, restorations, and sales. Having owned several high end automotive shops, Ronn is a multi-talented, energetic entrepreneur with experience and vision. Ronn has the operational and interpersonal skills required to manage the complex tasks that transform dreams into reality.


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